Journal Guidelines for EHP from their official website

  • EHP will consider papers from dissertations that have been published in their entirety by a university in partial fulfillment of a degree.
  • For each manuscript, authors must submit a competing financial interests declaration form. On top of that, authors need to FURTHER indicated in the acknowledgement section.
  • For research articles, the word count is 7000, excluding references tables figures and acknowledgements and supplementary information. No way I am going to go over that.
  • Line number is mandatory!
  • Acknowledgements should be on the first page not last
  • They want a shorter title beside the long title, need to think about it.
  • Abstract needs to be equal or less than 250 words, structured with labels: background, objective, methods, results, conclusions
  • Main text has labels: introduction, methods, results, discussions, and conclusions. All subsection title needs to be fewer than 8 words.
  • References, Tables, and Figure Legends needs to be following the main text. Figures and supplementary material will be provided as separate files.
  • All references need to be author year. List alphabetically.
  • Do not use foot notes.
  • Confidence interval must be in the same column as the point estimation.