• In Latex, when table and some texts are on the same page, table will show up before text. To reverse this order, use \begin{table}[htb]. No idea what it means. This site says it means “causes LaTeX to try to fit the float “here”, or at the “top” of the current page (or the next page), or at the “bottom” of the current page (or the next page).” Doesn’t really make sen the statement.
  • In Latex, for figures or tables to not show up in the list of figures or tables, use the package {caption} then change the caption of that figure/ table from \caption{} to \caption*{}
  • In Latex, tables are sometimes too tight. In this case, after \\ or \hline, add \\[-1em]. When there is a margin that needs to be filled, instead of \\[-1em], use &\\[-1em]

General Epidemiology

  • Just a reminder: in a regression model, exp(beta) is OR in logistic regression and RR in poisson regression.